Multi-event: Notes on Technique

Long jump

Long Jump

Vertical on the board on take-off. Eyes up, head up, drive up, jump long.
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Triple jump

Same as long jump but keep the good vertical posture through all phases. This is the step / 2nd phase. In the air, think ‘ Wait for the ground’ then reach for the ground and step/bound/drive off it as if its hot.[spacer]
2011 IAAF World Outdoor Championships

Javelin 1

Crossover stride. Body is almost fully facing sideways while the thrower looks where she will throw. Lots of power waiting to strike. Who said female throwers aren’t pretty ??!![spacer]

Javelin 2/3

The block on the left side. Left side of body comes to a complete stop against left foot / side. Throwing arm / side about to release its energy into javelin. Great flexibility required.[spacer]






Shot Putt

Left side blocking again and body vertical as thrower is about to strike. Note both feet on ground as the throw begins with a push off the ground through the biggest muscles of the body; Thighs / quadriceps.[spacer style=”1″]






2011 IAAF World Outdoor Championships

Javelin 4

Thrower about to strike and throw. Left side has blocked and the right side has made a perfect bow. What flexibility ! What power ! What beauty ! (By the way, the left leg should ideally not be bent as it is here ! But thats the body’s way of absorbing the shock of the sudden stop. And this athlete is NOT a javelin specialist ! She is an heptathlete / multi-eventer !)[spacer style=”1″]



2011 IAAF World Outdoor Championships


Eyes focussed ahead, lead leg leads, trail leg trails at more than 90 degrees and is horizontal, trail arm is trailing and behind to balance the opposite lead arm. (Opposite lead arm reached further ahead before this photo was taken)[spacer style=”1″]





2011 IAAF World Outdoor Championships


Thrower has turned at the back of the circle slowly, is primed and perfectly balanced, lead arm points the way balancing the throwing arm with the discus which is ‘left behind’ waiting for the strike. Incredible pelvic and shoulder flexibility required. Thrower is looking to whats next. He is about to accelerate and explode into his block and throw.

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Poland's Tomasz Majewski competes in men's shot put final at London 2012 Olympic Games


Thrower pushes from back of circle in a low glide. Keeping his shoulders and head facing to the back of the circle until he lands in the ‘Power Position’, ready to block, stop and explode.[spacer style=”1″]

What do you see in common in these photos ?

Make your own list before you scroll down. And track athletes / runners will note that your list will be exactly the same. Thats why its called Track & Field !!!    Duhhhhhhhh

  • Posture
  • Eye focus
  • Head position
  • Hip position
  • Flexibilty 
  • Power
  • Timing  (waiting to attack)

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