Ghouls, Ghosts, Monsters, Chainsaws

not to mention slime, crayons, injured footballers, hurlers, athletes, Devils, Batman, Spider-man, Iron Man, Flash, Captain America and so many more turned out to experience the annual Ennis Track Twilight Run.  Two laps around the woods revealed trees covered in skeletons, spooky lights, witches and dead creepy crawly things.  If you survived all this,  your heart was then put across you when from behind trees scary individuals jumped out at you.  Screams and laughter echoed around the woods.  What a truly fantastical experience.  Thank you to each and every person who created the scary woods, ensured that it all went without a hitch, all the lovely people who provided and served the refreshments to the registration crew, DJ, Jordan for taking these pictures, all the parents and most importantly of all the children who came in the best costumes that Ennis Track has ever seen.  All I can say is bring on next year.


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