Field Events

Welcome back to training to all our club athletes. There will be indoor training starting soon (mid-September), for field event athletes and hurdles and sprints.

Our athletes have excelled in field events this year with All Ireland medals in triple jump (Jemil, Samarat & Cathal) long jump (Cathal) and discus Eoin). So lets build on that!

It will initially be supervised by David Courtney, Alex Conway & John Conroy. It will be aimed at athletes aged 14 upwards and will consist of:

  • Medicine ball throwing,
  • Hurdle drills,
  • Flexibility,
  • Strength & conditioning,
  • Field event technique : throws and jumps,
  • Regular testing and monitoring,
  • Olympic weight lifting training technique (zero or light weights initially)

and all done to music !!
We are not starting just yet as the summer Track & Field competitions have only just finished and we all need a rest !
So settle back into school, eat well, sleep well and get ready!

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