All Ireland schools/Intervarsity’s Sligo Racecourse 5/3/2016: Mulcaire in a league of his own.

Sligo Racecourse was the location of the 2016 Irish schools and Inter-varsity Cross Country. Kevin Mulcaire was the star of Ennis Track, winning his second Senior Boy’s Title. He also has two intermediate titles and he is the only schoolboy to hold all four schools titles ever. This was a schools competition and ennis track athletes represented their respective schools. The Minor Girls results were as follows Ellie Pike Rice College Ennis , Minor Boys Mark Hanrahan Flannans 13th, Conor Shanahan Flannans 76th, Jack Power Flannans 103rd place, Junior Boys Ben Deasy Flannans 31st, Inter Girls Eimear McDonald Rice College 15th place, Inter Boys Donal Devane Flannans 11th, Conor Devane Flannans 32nd, James Whelan Flannans 63rd, Ricky Mulcaire Flannans 67th, Mark Fahy Flannans 84th, David Healy Flannans 95th,. Senior Boys Kevin Mulcaire Flannans 1st, Liam Naughton Flannans 22nd, Jamie Roche Flannans 30th, Stephen Maher Flannans 46th, Aron Slattery Flannans 74th, Conor Mulchrone Flannans 81st, Mark Collins Flannans 82nd. Well done to all who competed.


In the intervaristy competition Laura Power DCU was 33rd. Mens Kevin Chesser was 8th, Damien Landers was 11th and Karl Fitzmaurice was 14th and Patrick Chesser was 16th.

Below is an array of images of our fine athletes in full flight.

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