Munster Uneven Ages Castlelyons

Race and Course Information

The Munster juvenile uneven ages (U9 to U19) cross-country championships take place in Castlelyons, Co. Cork on Sunday 10th November. Warm-up for younger ages at 10:45am. First race at 11:30am. See course map below (click to enlarge).


Transport to the Race

The Ennis Track bus will leave from the West County Hotel at 7:45 sharp. Fee for the bus: €5.

Ennis Track coaches would like all athletes to travel together to  race championships on the bus. It helps athletes get to know each other and their coaches. Parents are welcome to follow down in cars.

Please confirm with Marie (086 2616478) by Monday 4th Nov if your child intends to travel on the bus.

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Checklist for the Day

[list][item icon=”10003″ ]Suitable running spikes.[/item]

[item icon=”10003″ ]Ennis Track Club T-Shirt for identification.[/item]

[item icon=”10003″ ]Healthy packed lunch — some suggestions of high-energy foods: sandwiches, rolls, rice cakes, cereal bars, bananas.[/item]

[item icon=”10003″ ]Drinks — fruit drinks and/or water. No fizzy drinks please.[/item]

[item icon=”10003″ ]Dress for weather. Please have a rain jacket and warm fleece.[/item]

[item icon=”10003″ ]Pocket money. Athletes will be stopping on the way home for something to eat. Please include a small amount of money to cover meal.[/item]


Remember, each athlete in cross country will be running as part of a team. Every place counts in cross country!

Thanking you for your co-operation, Ennis Track Athletic Club.

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