County Track & Field Results

The Clare Athletics Association Juvenile Track & Field County Championships took place on Saturday & Sunday May 9th & 10th at Lees Rd, Ennis.


Results as follows:

Girls U8 Boys U8
Girls U9 Boys U9
Girls U10 Boys U10
Girls U11 Boys U11
Girls U12 Boys U12
Girls U13 Boys U13
Girls U14 Boys U14
Girls U15 Boys U15
Girls U16 Boys U16
Girls U17 Boys U17
Girls U18 Boys U18
Girls U19 Boys U19



Please see running order for both days below.

Running order Day1

Running order Day 2

Athletes taking part in hurdles please be there at least 30 mins before to be registered. Track and Field events will run together up to U12 years. Please allow yourself plenty of time – i.e. to find parking, to register and to find your way to Ennis Track Tent which will be located at the finishing line approximately.

All Athletes MUST ATTEND over the 2 days. It’s important to support Ennis Track Club and also the hard work that coaches put into training each week and at weekends starting since last September. Please check if you are needed for a Relay Team.

Please take note that by attending over the two days you can win points for an Individual Clare Sports Award and also win vital points for “The Best Overall Club” Trophy.


[list][item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes taking part in hurdles please arrive at 9.30. Hurdles will start at 10am sharp.[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ] See timetable for what age they will start with in this event.[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]High Jump will also take place at 10am.[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Please check timetable for your event time. If unsure please contact your child’s coach.[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Please check in with Ennis Track Coaches when you arrive before 11am. (Tent will at Finishing Line)[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Parents have to supervise their own children during the day. It’s going to be a long day and there is no quick way to get through the events.[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Adults to pay at gate – 5 euro[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Entry fee 3 euro per day to cover all events – this will done at gate on Sat & Sunday[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Ennis Track Club T-Shirt for identification. (Hilda O’Connor 086 2351969)[/item]

[item icon=”10003″ ]Suitable running shoes/track running spikes 5mm [/item]

[item icon=”10003″ ]NB – Packed lunch /with fruit drink or water, not fizzy drinks Wear suitable clothing for weather![/item][/list]

AGES FOR 2015 Distances

[list][item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 2009 onward will compete in Under 7[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 2008 will compete in Under 8[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 2007 will compete in Under 9[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 2006 will compete in Under 10[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 2005 will compete in under 11[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 2004 will compete in under 12[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 2003 will compete in under 13[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 2002 will compete in under 14[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 2001 will compete in under 15[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 2000 will compete in under 16[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 1999 will compete in under 17[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 1998 will compete in under 18[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 1997 will compete in under 19[/item]
[item icon=”10003″ ]Athletes born in 1996 will compete in under Junior/ U20[/item][/list]

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