Athletics Culture In Ennis

Frank Grealy

Athletics Ireland and Sportsfile came to Lees Road to watch Ennis Track in action along with Frank Greally who was delighted to meet with Dean Casey who had just the weekend before smashed the record held by him for 51 years before Abdul and Dean beat it within one month. The following is the media release to this visit – In Ennis, there is a growing buzz around a certain community driven athletics club. Ennis Track Club has evolved over 30 years promoting athletics to the local community of Ennis,…

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Banna Training Weekend

Banna Beach Training Camp The weekend started off in typical fashion: meet at McDonalds on a damp Friday afternoon. Delicious food, gear bags, foam rollers and other running paraphernalia were packed onto the bus and the race for the back began. We sat in the bus waiting to set off but later learned it had broken down, another bus arrived without delay and the whole process was repeated. The trip down was lively. Pat always tells us these training camps are important for group bonding and I think bus journeys…

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Article by Pat Hogan in the – Everytime is a good time for a Run – but Lunchtime running?

WHETHER YOU’RE AN owl or lark, it doesn’t really matter what time of the day you actually get your workout done. So says one of the country’s top middle-distance running coaches, Pat Hogan of Ennis Track Club in County Clare. Hogan, who has coached a slew of national champions over the past two decades, believes there must be a sensible approach to training with regards when the best time is to do it. Specifically talking about running, Hogan says that because most runners are either in school, college or work,…

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