Athletics Culture In Ennis

Frank Grealy

Athletics Ireland and Sportsfile came to Lees Road to watch Ennis Track in action along with Frank Greally who was delighted to meet with Dean Casey who had just the weekend before smashed the record held by him for 51 years before Abdul and Dean beat it within one month. The following is the media release to this visit – In Ennis, there is a growing buzz around a certain community driven athletics club. Ennis Track Club has evolved over 30 years promoting athletics to the local community of Ennis,…

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Darragh Lynch

How did you get interested in athletics and when did you start training with Ennis Track? I was a competitive youngster, and after my mum brought me to a race in the community games, Gerry Hayes I’m sure persuaded her to have me at the Fairgreen Mondays and Fridays. So I went along to training with my neighbours the Chessers, amongst a host of other people that I became friends with there! What was your first race? My first race for Ennis Track was an U12 cross-country race. I finished in…

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Brian Murphy

 1. How did you get started into running ? I used play a bit of tennis, and my brother hammered me in a match and I decided I needed to get fit so I started running, and I was hooked!! . 2. What was your first race? It was a 4mile race in Ennis. I saw it in the paper and thought “why not”. It was on in September and started at 7.30, and I was lapped by EVERYONE in the race and it was dark when I finished, but…

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