Timetable for Clare A.A.I Indoor Track and Field Championships Nenagh 28/01/2018

Clare A.A.I Indoor Track and Field Championships Nenagh  28/01/2018  

Order Of Events

9.30am High Jumps All Ages u/13 to 19

12.30am Hurdles
U/13 Girls 60m Hurdles (2 . 3)
U/13 Boys 60m Hurdles (2 . 3)
U/14 Girls 60m Hurdles (2 . 3)
U/14 Boys 60m Hurdles (2 . 6)
U/15 Girls 60m Hurdles (2 . 6)
U/17 Girls 60m Hurdles (2 . 6)
U/19 Girls 60m Hurdles (2 . 6)
U/15 Boys 60m Hurdles (2 . 9)
U/17 Boys 60m Hurdles (2 . 9)
U/19 Boys 60m Hurdles (3 . 0)
Heats Will be held where required
And Finals will follow

(Field Events Three attempts only for all)                                     All Sprints check in at the warm up area

200,300,500 600,800 and walks Check in at the finish line on the outside track, ( ALL LONG DISTANCE RACES DECIDED ON TIMES )

1 30 60metres Sprints Heats or Finals

U/10 Girls 60m
U/10 Boys 60m
U/11 Girls 60m
U/11 Boys 60m
U/9 Girls 60m
U/9 Boys 60m
U12 Girls 60m (Blocks)Optional
U12 Boys 60m (Blocks) Optional
U13 Girls 60m (Blocks) Optional
U13 Boys 60m (Blocks) Optional
U14 Girls 60m (Blocks)
U14 Boys 60m (Blocks)
U15 Girls 60m (Blocks)
U15 Boys 60m (Blocks)
U17 Girls 60m (Blocks)
U17 Boys 60m (Blocks)
U19 Girls 60m (Blocks)
U19 Boys 60m (Blocks)

Finals in Same order

11.00am Outside Track                                                                            11.00am SHOTT PUTT
U/9 Girls 300m                                                                                         U/12’s Shot Putt (2K)
U/9 Boys 300m                                                                                         U/15’s Shot Putt (Girls 2.72K   Boys 3K)
U/10 Girls 500m                                                                                       U/13’s Shot Putt (2K)
U/10 Boys 500m                                                                                       U/17’s Shot Putt (Girls 3K    Boys 4K)                                                                                                                                                  U/19’s Shot Putt (Girls 3K    Boys 5K)

11.00am LONG JUMP                                                                          12:00 Outside Track WALKS
Girls U/11 Long Jump                                                                             U/17 & 19           1500m   Walks (G&B)
Boys U/11 Long Jump                                                                             U/13, 14, & 15   1000m   Walks  (G&B)
Girls U/9 Long Jump (Sand)
Boys U/9 Long Jump (Sand)
Girls U/10 Long Jump (Sand)
Boys U/10 Long Jump (Sand)
Girls U/12 Long Jump
Boys U/12 Long Jump
Girls U/14 Long Jump
Boys U/14 Long Jump

12.45 (200m, 600m, 800m)
U/17 Girls 200m
U/17 Boys 200m
U/19 Girls 200m
U/19 Boys 200m
U/12 Girls 600m
U/12 Boys 600m
U/13 Girls 600m
U/13 Boys 600m
U/11 Girls 600m
U/11 Boys 600m
U/14 Girls 800m
U/14 Boys 800m
U/15 Girls 800m
U/15 Boys 800m
U/17 Girls 800m
U/17 Boys 800m
U/19 Girls 800m
U/19 Boys 800m

Finals in Same order


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