National Championships in its 148th Year

kicks off this weekend, a championship that has not let two world wars prevent its occurence and thankfully is a ray of hope amid colossal sporting cancellations.  A massive thank you to every single person involved in making this event happen.

To all the athletes taking part this weekend we would like to wish them well especially Darragh Lynch partaking in the senior 5000m 11:00 a.m., Jamie Kelly and Dean Casey taking part in the junior 5000m 12:00 noon and Cathal Crosbie running in the 400m live at 14.45 p.m.

If you want to check out who is running in a particular event, just click here

Athletics Ireland YouTube Channel will be streaming both events with the final session this Sunday evening getting live RTE2 coverage from  17:30-19:55.

The full time table is here:  National_Outdoor_Senior_Championships_Timetable_22nd_23rd_August_Only

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