Field Events Training

Indoor training started last night, Mon 15th Sep, at Gurteen, at St Joseph’s Doora-Barefield GAA hall. We had great fun. We had music and we had some core wrestling games too. And crunch competitions! If you don’t know what that means, come along and get stuck in !


Weekly session

It’s the start of a weekly session that will go through the winter and set us up for all field and multi events for the coming season, indoor and outdoor. We had 14 athletes and David Courtney & Alex Conway supervised. The group were introduced to:



Ennis-Track-Indoor-1[list][item icon=”10003″]Hurdle walkover drills[/item][item icon=”10003″]Shallow bounding[/item][item icon=”10003″]Medicine ball exercise[/item][item icon=”10003″]Core exercises[/item][item icon=”10003″]Plyometric bounding and box jumping[/item][item icon=”10003″]Partner stretches[/item][/list]

Come along every Monday at 6.45pm to warm up and help set up. Finish at 8.15pm. Bring water and €2.

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