Banna Training Camp

An Ennis Track training camp took place last weekend in Banna Strand, Co. Kerry, in preparation for the upcoming cross country season. As well as giving the team of 30-odd athletes a chance to train hard and recover well, it also allowed team-bonding to occur. With this being the first training camp for many of the athletes present, a real effort was made to get to know each other through quizzes and team runs.
After arriving late on Friday and having a team meeting to discuss the training for the following morning, the athletes headed to bed in preparation for what was to be a long run the next morning, ranging from 5 miles up to 15 miles. Thankfully, the following morning the rain held off and the athletes were lucky enough to get in their miles, taking in the surrounding beaches and sand dunes as a refreshing change of scenery from their usual laps of Flannans.
After recovering for most of the afternoon in the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, some of the older athletes returned to the gym for a strength/weights session, while some younger athletes completed a circuits session. Although exhausted from the days training, the athletes had the energy for a table quiz that night – which brought out the competitive side in most – and also helped to mix up the groups and allow everyone to get to know each other! This was alleviated again with the game of Cops and Robbers that followed…
The following morning proved a quality session for most athletes present, with interval work in the sand dunes and progressive runs for others. For those who had exhausted themselves playing Cops and Robbers the previous night, it may have been a case of “If you hoot with the owls, you won’t soar with the eagles the following day”!
After a quick blast in the sauna and steam room, it was time to fuel with the fantastic food that had been provided for the weekend, before a final team meeting and the journey home.
A special thanks goes out to Pat Hogan for his coaching over the weekend. Also to Ita Hanrahan and Marie Roche, who helped to keep all the athletes fed and found. Thank you also to the parents who helped in preparing the food for the weekend.


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