Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane, NO Its MARY CAHILL

The final figure for Mary Cahill’s fundraising parachute jump and Shragh walk was a whopping €12,025. The RNLI has asked us to thank all who supported her events

Mary Cahill’s recent fundraising raised a total of €7833 for the RNLI and Doolin search and rescue.

Her Shragh walk raised €3000 and her joint parachute jump with Tom Doherty took in €4833.

Well done to both Mary and Tom and a huge thanks to all who supported their efforts.


Our very own super coach and athlete Mary Cahill has completed her Jump for the Lifeboats.  She would like to thank all who generously donated to her chosen causes – Doolin Search & Rescue and the RNLI.  Details of funds raised will be published soon.  All one can say is Well D one Mary.

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