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Double Success for Ennis Track

success duo Rory Chesser and Mark Hanrahan. A great article in the Irish Examiner mentioned our own Rory Chesser…” The prize at the end of the story doesn’t happen to everyone but in that article for the Irish Examiner Robinson – referring to the renowned sports psychologist Steve Peters – emphasises that continuing to show up, whatever your pursuit, is the key.

“He said: ‘When it comes to an athlete trying to achieve what they want, I couldn’t really care about motivation. What I care about is commitment.’ For me that meant: it doesn’t matter if I wake up in the morning and feel like I don’t want to run. I’m allowed to feel like I can’t be arsed. But what I am is committed. I’m going to go for the run,” says Robinson.

In short, don’t make it complicated. Keep showing up and keep going.
This is what our own Rory Chesser does also , day in day out , good, medium, bad days and I don’t mean the weather!”

Next we turn our attention to the U20 National Championships which will take place over the next two weekends.  The Provisional entry list is here  with the timetable for tomorrow found here

U20 National Championship Timetable Day 1

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