Ennis Tracks C25K with Clare Sports Partnership

8 weeks ago on the 7th of October over 60 people turned up to Lees Road to start the Couch To 5k – Ennis Track’s teeny way to encourage fitness, health and well-being in all age groups in partnership with Clare Sports.  Thank you Carole & Leanne for bring this idea to reality.

The first night brought all fitness levels from people who wanted to reignite their love of running to the get off the couch.  One comment after the first night “Really enjoyed it, especially that final whistle 😀😀 thank you” summed up what would become a “must” for these group of budding athletes.

Each week experienced motivators, turned up to encourage us all, to show us how to stretch properly and to remind us that everyone starts with that first step.  It was fantastic.

Each week Deirdre Cahill, Michelle Timothy, Marie Roche & Mary Cahill volunteered their time to show us how it is done, they encouraged us, challenged us and brought out the fun in all of us.  We would not have ever have dreamed of a 5k over for them.  So from the bottom of all our hearts thank you all.

Today we rocked up to the Park Run in Lees Road, prepared and ready, – For most of us what time we did it in was not important getting to the finishing line was – 8 weeks ago we could barely run a minute and here we were running for 20-40 mins.  The encouragement we received from others taking part in the Park Run added to the atmosphere.  Likewise getting to the finishing line and being encouraged by friends and organizers alike was magic.

These were just some of the comments after the 5k:-

“I’m on a high all morning. Thanks to all of you for taking time out from your own training to drop back to keep me going, believe me, only for that I would’nt have continued. So👏👏👏👏 thanks again.”

“A huge thanks to all the trainers, really appreciate the time and effort you gave over the last few weeks and today. Delighted to have completed my 1st 5k and here’s to many more. Thank you again”

“Thanks so much! Move over couch we are on the run!!!”

“Thank to all. really enjoyed my social outings mon & fri. Great sense of achievement…. my goal now is to maintain. 🏃‍♀”

“Hi everyone. I just like to say well done to everyone who completed the 5k Park Run In Lees Road today. I heard ye all did great. Am Very proud of each and everyone of ye. And ye all should be so proud of yourselves.  Ye took on the challenge of the 5k training and ye all completed it so well done. Always believe in yourself,  u never know how you will do until you go out there and give it a go. Don’t Be afraid to challenge yourself. Keep up the training now and focus on your next 5k you know you can do it. As we say in our Club BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE.”

“I haven’t ran 5k since 2013. Thanks to everyone that helped me get there again. I really enjoyed the training and today was brilliant. Such a nice group !! 🏃‍♂🏃‍♀”


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