Ava Rochford Breaks Munster Pole Vault Record

Today in the Irish Life Health Indoor Combined Events All Ages, Ava Rochford has broken the Munster Pole Vault record by 25cm today jumping 2.5m.  What an achievement.  Very Well done.

Yesterday Ava Rochford won the All Ireland Combined events – Hurdles 9.39 high Jump 1.62, 11.10 Shot, 4.52 Long Jump and 2.48 in 800m, total points of 3107.  She just missed out on an Irish Record by 16 pts but counts as a Munster Record.

Congratulations also to Ruth Leyden who was 4th in the Munster U15 Girls.   A great picture by Sam Barnes of Sportsfile.com of Ava and Ruth

Well done also to John Murphy who came 8th in Masters O50.   Another great capture by Sam Barnes of Sportsfile.com of John in flight


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